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Why is he such a dork?
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Sometimes I still feel like an average joe from Long Island. 
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Some harsh but very very true words

Some people took offense with this on Twitter. But as a writer struggling with anxiety, I’d say: if you’re not ready to submit without apologizing for your work, you are not ready to submit. 
Never apologize for your work. 

I think he comes off a little harsh here but I also think it’s genuinely good advice. I’m no stranger to the “everything I make is terrible” brain weasels, but seriously, don’t say that to someone you’re submitting your work to professionally. I mean, would you roll up to a job interview and say “hey, I’m probably not very qualified for this job, but consider hiring me anyway”? I’m gonna go ahead and say you would probably not.
Fake it til you make it if you have to. Tell the voice in your head that tells you that thing you made is terrible that YOU may have no choice but to listen to its bullshit, but you’re not going to make anyone else listen to its bullshit. I know it’s not easy, but work at it anyway.

I don’t think it comes off as harsh at all—I work in publishing and this is pretty standard wisdom. You wouldn’t do this applying for a job in any other field, regardless of how you actually felt about your abilities; it’s not different just because you’re an artist.
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